Launch Your iPhone Camera App

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How To Launch Your iPhone Camera App Instantly

Do you often miss some scenic picture to capture, as your iPhone camera app takes much time to initiate? In order to launch your camera app quickly, you just have to use a simple jailbreak tweak named Snappy.

Snappy is the peculiar jailbreak tool, which enables you to do several things using your camera app. This tweak allows you to keep your camera app functioning, no matter what app you are in. However, the core benefit of this tweak is that you can use your camera apps even when your iPhone is locked. It is really interesting feature for the user as they mostly lock their iPhone when not using and then have to unlock to use any features, which takes some time. With this app users don’t have to bother about the lock as it allows using camera app on your locked device.

In order to start with this process, you’ll have to pay $1.99 and purchase it from Cydia store. Once, you installed the Snappy, Cydia will ask you to respring your device before the modifications are effective. Then, you will see the Snappy icon on your screen. Moreover, you don’t need to keep that icon on your screen as you can delete it once you done all the required settings. Snappy has activator gestures feature that does not need any icon to be launched.

Follow the given steps in a systematical order:

  • Navigate to the Settings options and scroll down to the Activator option
  • Choose “Anywhere” option form the activator
  • Here you will get several options such as button presses, gestures and tap commands to launch it. It is completely up to you to choose the perfect command, depending on per your convenience.
  • Swipe upside to reveal the search bar and run the quick search to choose the Snappy and choose the video and photo taking option when Snappy is started.
  • Close the settings app from your screen by taping once on the home screen
  • Now, you can enjoy quick access to the camera app on your iPhone
  • That’s all and here you finished the systematic process of activating Snappy on your device.

Other features: Snappy has enumerable other features that make it the best app for the users such as you can easily set the volume of the shutter or change the settings to take photo more conveniently. Additionally, this app can use your current location as per your commands.

Our Suggestions: Snappy is the best and useful camera app for your iPhone. However, there are several other camera apps for iPhone in the Apple store such as camera Genius ($1.99), Hipstamatic ($1.99) and Colorsplash ($1.99).

You can use any one of them for enhancing the camera functionalities of your iPhone without facing any trouble. It is quite possible that each application has different features and functions. Therefore, you must thoroughly read through the description and details of the app before buying it from the Apple store.

Jailbreak iPhone 4.3.2 With Redsn0w 0.9.6

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Guide to Jailbreak iPhone 4.3.2 Using Redsn0w 0.9.6 on Windows and Mac

There are several jailbreak tools available that enables you to unlock your device. The latest Redsn0w jailbreaking tool is available to unlock your iOS 4.3.2 device with Mac and Windows OS.  However, it allows the limited tethered like the PwnageTool, which means you will need to boot your device in the tethered state on every reboot.  It is a universal jailbreak tool, which can be used in jailbreaking the iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod Touch and iPad.


  • Initially, download iOS 4.3.2 and 4.3.1 on your system regarding your selective version.
  • Download IPSW file and update to iOS 4.3.2 using the downloaded file.
  • Launch the Redsn0w file and browse iOS 4.3.1 file
  • Choose option “Install Cydia” and click on the “Next” option.
  • Ensure that your device is plugged in to the system and switched-Off. After that click on the Next button
  • Here you need to enter into the DFU mode. Just press and Hold down the “Power” button and “Home” Button simultaneously. Now, release the power button, but keep holding the Home button till the installation process begin.
  • Now just relax and wait for the Redsn0w do the rest process.  Once the process is finished, your device will be rebooted automatically and jailbroken on iOS 4.3.2 firmware.
  • Finally, your device is jailbroken and you can easily use the several functionalities of your device.  Whether you SSHing your device or opening Cydia, boot your device in jailbroken state.

Redsn0w 0.9.6rc12 for Windows download here
Redsn0w 0.9.6rc12 for Mac download here

Our Suggestion

It is quite imperative and considerable point that you must keep in your mind while jailbreaking your device such as creating backup of all your data to secure them from getting loss during the jailbreaking process.  You can choose the different other Jailbreak tools such as PwnageTool, etc.

Moreover, there are some of the tools that allow Untethered Jailbreak, so that you can easily get rid of the rebooting problem frequently. Jailbreaking process is done by the users at their own risk so make sure that you are read the jailbreaking instructions properly.

Enjoy New Bocce 3.1 On iPhone And iPad

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Get Realistic Experience of Games with New Bocce 3.1 for iPhone and iPad

The latest Bocce 3.1 has been released by the developers of the Bocce, Notebook Press. This one is the only app available in market that gives realistic experience of playing bocce. Now, players can easily draw the balls closest to the target and earn more points to win the game. This game app is truly best thing for the players and the big screen of iPad makes it more enjoyable.

Bocce is the latest app, which provides the most realistic playing experience of Bocce. It uses several aspects such as game principles, physics, and graphics to allow players to enjoy playing bocce. Usually, in real life Bocce game, players just toss the target balls and each player throws the balls to one person at a time to reach to closest to target. The one who gets an opportunity to be at the position closest to the target will get more points and win. Usually, players play this game either against the computer or with other participants.

The advent of iPad made the playing Bocce game on the big screen easier for all ages of people. The iPad’s huge screen is very comfortable to operate this game.

Compelling Features

  • Easy to use interface
  • Easy game rules
  • Smooth touch-screen controls
  • Fun for people of all age group
  • It is compatible with iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone

Device Requirements

  • iOS 3.1 firmware or advanced
  • iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • 5.2 MB space

Our Point of View

This app is truly one of the best developments in favor of the Bocce game enthusiasts. This app allows user to get more clear and vivid views of the graphics. However, players will surely get the enjoy playing Bocce game at any cost. If you are a Bocce game enthusiast, this application is a good option for you to have realistic experience of gaming.

Encrypt Your Location Data In Your iPhone

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How to Avoid Detection of Your iPhone?

Encrypting your location data that your iPhone stores in it is not a big deal. There are different views about encrypting location data as few people concern this one as a big issue, while some others don’t give much importance to this. It’s all that you perceive the requirements and situation.

However, it is very useful to encrypt the location of your data, so that no one else could track down your information. Usually, when you connect your device to iTunes, it extracts all the data from your iPhone automatically. There is a file in your iPhone named Consolidated.db, which stores and records the location data. Here is the simple way to secure your data.

  • Initially, connect your iPhone device to the computer using the USB cable provided by the Apple.
  • Normally, iTunes open automatically as you connect your device. Open it, if not launched automatically.
  • Select your device name from the left hand side option in iTunes. You will easily be able to find out your device name there.
  • In Summary tab, which opens on the right side of the iTunes, tap on the “Encrypt iPhone backup” option under the “options” tab.
  • Once you click on the encrypt option. You will be asked to enter password. You can choose the password that you remember, but should be secure enough that no one other than can guess it.
  • Finally, You are done

Our Opinion

It is quite effective way to secure your location information, but the imperative aspect is your requirement regarding encryption of the data. Most of the people use it as an efficient tool to monitor your whereabouts and track down your daily activities.

Depending on your perception and requirement, use this tweak on your iPhone. However, it is helpful for most of the people who don’t want to be tracked down. There are no risks involved in following these above mentioned steps, as this feature is already available in the iPhone and you just have to enable it.

Unlock Your iPhone with Gevey Sim

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Easy Way to Unlock Your iPhone with Gevey Sim

The iPhone is famous and well known Smartphone worldwide because of its innovative features. It is the most accepted fact that iPhone is the complete gadget, which allows users multiple functionalities. Currently, most of the people own an iPhone and wonder to make it more functional by adding latest application. Usually, a new bought iPhone is integrated with one single carrier, lock Smartphone.

You cannot use any other network carriers until you have unlocked the iPhone. The latest versions of the iPhones are being released rapidly in the market such as iOS 4.3.2 version iPhone released. It is the latest version of iPhone with advanced iOS 4.3.2 operating system. However, the annoying problem still remains regarding the network lock.

Apparently, people are very disappointed, as they cannot enjoy its innovative features to the ultimate extent. If you are wondering how to unlock latest iPhone version iOS 4.3.2, Gevey Sim is the best solution to get rid of the locking problem. With this option you can effortlessly unlock your iPhone. Moreover, you don’t need to have any expertise or follow the tedious process to unlock your iPhone at your risk. It is completely safe and sound to use in your iPhone.

This Sim is quite popular option to unlock iPhone easily without taking any chances. Once it is inserted in the iPhone, device will be unlocked immediately to use any network. There is special kit that comes along with the Sim including instructions manual, Sim, and Sim tray. All you have to do is read the instruction manual and follow the given steps to install this Sim on your device correctly with the special tray. It is verified and tested approach to unlock iPhone keeping it original.

The Gevey Sim is compatible with all versions of iOS and available to use. Additionally, there is no need to jailbreak in order to employ this option for unlocking iPhone. It also supports all basebands such as 1.59, 2.10, 4.10, 3.10.1, and 4.10.1. All features of the phone will remain intact and user can easily enjoy the unlocked features of their device.

Our Opinion

Gevey Sim seems very reliable option to unlock the iPhone without jailbreaking them. Moreover, there is no risk involved regarding loosing the bandwidth, data, settings and other files. However, there are some methods and tools that are being effectively used by the iPhone users such as Ultrasn0w app for unlocking iPhone. It is easy available to the app store and can easily get operated. Make sure that you follow the process of unlocking systematically.

Unable Tracking Feature On iPhone

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Disable the Tracking Feature of Your iPhone

There is unique inbuilt feature in iPhone, which constantly tracks our routes without our consent. It can be beneficial for some people, but most of the people find it vulnerable to their privacy. However, you can disable this tracking feature using an iPhone application named Untrackerd. This app allows you to delete all the recorded data and prevent the further recording. There is condition to use this application, as it will work on only jailbreaked device.

Jailbreaking is the easy and simple process to unlock iOS devices to support any software. Nowadays, there are several jailbreak tools available that can easily jailbreak your device in no time. You can finish the task in few clicks and enjoy the unlimited functionality of your device. Once you finished with jailbreaking process, download the Untrackerd app from the Cydia store. Now, let the app do the rest automatically.

Usually, it clears the entire consolidated .db file, which records the tracking data. The entire process will run at the backend and you will not see any icon on your springboard. The only thing you need to consider is maintaining some precautions while jailbreaking your device such as have some create the backups and follow the legitimate way of jailbreaking.

Our Opinion

There is another method to save your tracking data. In other words you can easily keep your personal information safe without using any third party app. There is a setting available in your iPhone that allows you to encrypt your consolidated .db data. You just need to connect you iPhone and choose device name from iTunes. Here, you need to click on the Summary option to get the “Encrypt iPhone Backup” tab. Just enable it and enter the strong password that must be hard to guess by others and easy to remember by you.

Shorten Link With Google URL Shortener

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Shorten Link With Google URL Shortener At Google Website

There is good news for Twitter users that Google has introduced one new Google URL Shortener free service, which is helpful to reduce the length of long link location or URL into a small form. The reduced URL with few characters is very important and unique micro-blogging service for the users of Twitter, which allows limited number of text to post in one tweet.

There are many Google products, wherein Google URL Shortner has been used, since the time it was launched in December 2009. Although this is also a fact that Google Shortner can only be utilized via Google services, it is a blend feature of Google URL shortner.

For example, at the pioneer stage, users do not want a long URL and want to shorten it, as much as possible. With this link, you can to make it short by using Google Toolbar or through FeedBurner’s Socialize to send the tweet items on Twitter. Since then, the Google URL Shorterner has been used for multiple other Google products including Picasa Web Albums, News, Maps, Bloggers and Moderator. However, no alternative is available to reduce the length of URL, especially on this link, straightaway from any website until now.

Google has planned to launch administratively Google URL Shortener for its users whether or not they are using Google service. Google account is not required to procreate small links or reduced URLs. In any form they are in, all this link, URLs and click methods are public and can be used in common by everyone. For viewing the reduced URL history with long URL mapping, users need to open their Google account.

The main benefit of Google URL Shortner is its degree of being stable, long continuance, trustworthiness, and pace and firmness of short URL resolution, in order to change the course of the long URL. There is a common issue being faced by most of the URL shortener services on the Internet, as how to get an appropriate profit to continue the services or to generate enough revenue to cover the price of service.

Many URL shorteners have been shutdown without any warning or notice due to the non-availability of sustainable business model. Due to scarcity of resources, they have compromised over the speed and trustworthiness.

After creating a webpage, we thought of trying the this link,and opened this Google URL Shortner site on the web browser. It prompted us to type my long URL in the space provided and thus,  we typed this long URL in specified space http://quick-test-professional/ and within seconds it got, as shorter as

So, now we feel that this link, is really a useful site for the long website addresses, as we need to just feed in once and we can get a short link for our further use. However, there could be a few drawbacks to it, as the shortening a link is not representing the content of the URL. Sometimes when there are multiple short links, it is difficult to recognize, which one we wanted to use.

Display Videos Folder In Windows 7 Start Menu

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Windows 7 – Easy Steps To Display Videos Folder In Start Menu


Whenever you open your Start Menu in Windows 7, you must have noticed that it has various folders such as Pictures, Documents and Music, but one thing that seems missing in the menu is the Videos Folder. However, you can add Videos folder to the Start Menu yourself with some simple steps.

  • First of all, right-click on the “Start” button and choose the option “Properties”. A window will appear with three tabs, Taskbar, Start Menu and Toolbars. You need to go to the tab “Start Menu”.
  • Now, click on the option “Customize”. This will open another Window with title “Customize Start Menu”.
  • You need to then scroll down to the end to find the Videos section. This section shows three options namely Display as a Link, Display as a Menu and Don’t Display This Item.
  • If you choose the option “Display as a Menu”, Videos folder will be displayed on the Start Menu and will offer you with an option to be used a drop-down menu. It will also display the recent videos that you have opened.
  • You need to click on the option “Display as a Link”, to simply put the Video Folder on the Start Menu. Click on “OK”.
  • Click “Apply” and then click “OK”. That’s it, you are done.


Now, when you open the Start Menu next time, you will see the Videos Folder Displayed along with the Pictures, Documents and Music Folders.

DownLoad Free Google SEO Starter Guide

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DownLoad Google’s Free E-Book Of SEO Starter Guide

Google does not need any introduction and it is known as a world’s most famous search engine. Recently, Google has uncorked its latest modified “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide E-book digitally in format of PDF. This guide is mainly for the webmasters who have just stepped into the field of web development and are not much acquainted with the search engine optimization and desire to improve their website communication with both, search engines and users.

Now few people may ask, what is search engine? So, this is a brief introduction to the Search Engine and Search Engine Optimization.

Introduction To The Early Days Of Search Engine

Search Engine was first introduced in early 1994 with a spider, which wriggle through all the websites and collect the information and indexed the information to the pertinence. This search and indexing technology took precedence over the establishment of the trend of search engine innovatively in that year. The web services expanded rapidly in the 90′s with millions of pages with relevant content, which were created by search engines and later, indexed.

Search Engines help indexing and recording the content of a site that appears on a particular page, keywords associated with particular topics and a many other elements. The process of search engine indexing begin with the search spider or search engine bot (short form of robot). When we are talking about search engine bot, we are pointing out to the more than one computers that are programmed to crawl on the net and collect all the information they can search and place them in one store to see how all that information is related to other search items.

Search Engine Optimization is a very important field and if web developers neglect it, then they are putting their websites in very vulnerable condition. Later, they will have to compromise on many things, which will be very harmful for their business, after a period of time. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a separate and non-identical group of profit-making business.

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Recall Your Email Back Within 30 Seconds

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Recall Your Email Back To Your Inbox Within 30 Seconds

Gmail is always famous for its more user-friendly web service due to some of its useful and unique features. Gmail has one very unique feature that is Undo Sent Mail, which allows 5 seconds to recall any mail back to sender’s Inbox. However, 5 seconds were not sufficient to make use of it. So on users demand, the Google Gmail team worked for this to pull the holding up to at least 30 seconds, which now allows user a sufficient time to avoid embarrassment by sending some emails by mistake.

For enabling your Gmail account for this feature, just follow these few steps and it will be done

Open your Gmail account and go to the settings. Click on the General tab settings, browse to the Undo Send Sub menu and the Send cancellation period Drop down menu will appear.

●        Select your desired range of hold time from 5,10,20, with up to 30 seconds and it is almost done.

●        Press on Save changes button to apply the settings. 

Once it is done, whenever user will draft an email, an Undo button will appear, which users can simply press to stop the email sending. The Undo Button will stay there waiting for any action done by users, is the exact setting configured by taking above steps.

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