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10 Must Have Google Chrome Plug-ins

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10 Must Have Google Chrome Plug-ins

Google chrome is unarguably one of the best web browsers. There are several extensions that are being developed in order to support and enhance the performance of the Google chrome. When it comes to plug-ins, we choose Firefox as the best web browser, which is incorporated with several utility plug-ins Therefore, Google has released few useful extensions for chrome browser that can enhance your browsing experience.

  • Google Chrome Backup addon: This plug-in is used to backup the browser settings for later use. With this plug-in, you can backup browser settings, restore and manage Google chrome profiles. You can secure your settings while your system gets crashed and recover them at once.

  • Google Chrome AdSweep Plug-in: Once you install this extension in your web browser, it will block almost all ads on the WebPages. Since this extension is in developmental stage, there might be some ads that get slipped. However, most of the ads will be blocked by the AdSweep extension.

  • Session Manager Plug-in: There are times, when you’ll need to open the same webpage that you have opened earlier. Usually, you have to open them one by one manually, which consumes lots of time. This plug-in will help you to store your session and allow you direct access to them. You need to save the session in session saver before closing the websites and restore them whenever needed.

  • Google Chrome Greasemetal plug-in: It is similar to Greasemonkey add—on for Firefox. This plug-in allows you to run several user scripts on the webpage. With this plug-in you will be able to run and execute user scripts on the websites just like Greasemonkey allows on Firefox.
  • Dual View Plug-in for Goggle Chrome: As the name depicts, it is basically used to divide your current tab into two parts to run two WebPages simultaneously in single tab. This plug-in separates single tab into two halves and allows you to work on both pages concurrently without toggling. It means you can visit and compare two websites’ contents in single tab effortlessly.


  • Google Page rank Plug-in for Goggle chrome: This plug-in will display the current status and Google rank of the websites at web browser bar. It means you will be able to determine the credibility and popularity of the web page.

  • ChromePass Plug-in: Forgetting passwords is the usual mistake that happens occasionally with every human being. Now with this application users can easily find out the stored password in chrome browser. Do note that you have to store the passwords in your browser in order to recover them while using this plug-in. you will be able to recover the forgotten password without any trouble.

  • Chrome Mailer Plug-in: Gmail is one the most used mailing service. This chrome plug-in allows users to send mail directly by clicking on the shortcut “mail: to”. It means you would not need to open and login to Gmail often to send emails. You will be able to send mails directly with this plug-in

  • Drag n Go Plug-in for Google chrome: Usually you have to right-click on the tab and select “Open new tab” option or Press “Ctrl + T” in order to open new links via the current tab. However, with this application you can drag and drop the required links over the web browser itself to open.
  • Google Chrome Plug-in Manager: You will surely need something to manage all these plug-in properly so they would not get mixed or corrupted. Chrome Extension manager plug-in helps you to manage all installed plug-ins by allowing you to enable, disable or delete any plug-in.

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