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Download Latest Google Translate App On Your iPhone

Download Latest Google Translate App On Your iPhone

The search engine giant, Google launched, Google translate native application for iPhone. This application allows you to translate any content in 15 different languages. The best part of this application is that it features “Speak to Translate” feature, which gives you freedom to speak into your device and the app will translate the phrase. Moreover, this application read the selected text aloud for better understanding. It’s quite easy and simple to use this app on your iPhone device.

Compelling Features

  • Translate contents in 57 different languages
  • Speak to translate feature translates in 15 languages
  • It read texts aloud for you
  • It shows the translated text in full screen so other nearby persons can read it easily.
  • Star your most favorite translation for quick access.
  • Can get access to translation history easily whether you online or offline.

Earlier, Google translate version was released for iPhone, but the users only got an access via webapp interface. This latest version is a native app for iPhone device, which features advanced additional features. It is quite easy and fun to use this application on your iPhone. It is the best app to be used frequently and is availible from fee download from iTunes.

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