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Fix Home Button Not Working Bug On The iPhone

Fix Home Button Not Working Bug On The iPhone

Sometimes iPhone users encounter the bug, which hinders the working of their device’s home screen. You will notice that your home screen doesn’t respond properly when clicked. It might be a software related problem, as most of the people start encountering this problem after installing the new iOS 4.1 firmware on their device. These are the bugs that come with new update of iPhone. If you have jailbroken to iOS 4.1 and facing this problem, then just check out the below given points to fix them.


  • Home screen is not responding on single or double clicks
  • Double clicks sometimes get registered as a single click


  • Restore the backup of your iPhone
  • Restore backup properly
  • Unjailbreak it
  • Replace your iPhone
  • Hope for the next firmware with these bug fixes.

That’s all about you can do to fix these bugs.

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