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Flash For iPhone 4 – Do NOT Install If iPhone Is Running on iOS 4.2.1

Apple / Steve Jobs has always been the rebel. Guess they do not like following the normal standards, and why should they ? It’s their difference from others is what makes them as successful as they are today. Though at one point, Apple had 20% stake in Adobe, still it’s not a good enough reason for them allow Adobe’s Flash on iPhones! Read Steve Job’s thoughts on Flash to understand what I mean !

Remember JailBreakMe.com ? Comex, the same guys who got JailBreakMe have compiled the binaries from the Alpha Code from the Github (the social coding repository).

You can install Frash / Flash on iPhone 4 as described earlier, or you can also read how to go about it following the steps at ReadWriteWeb.

Or optionally, if you have enough time, please stream and watch this video which will be of great help for sure.

or click on this video link.

However, it’s reported that if you install Flash on iPhone which is running on iOS 4.2.1, then you are bound to encounter problems. You’ll most probably end up getting the error “_abort() food.c.43″.

As of now, it doesn’t work with this latest firmware. All of you who are on iOS 4.2.1, have a longer wait !! Pity!!

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