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Google Mobile App For Voice Search And My Location Feature On Iphone

Google Mobile App For Voice Search And My Location Feature On Iphone

Google Mobile iPhone application is a new version of Google that has been launched recently. Searching by voice is the main feature and undoubtedly a talking point of the iPhone App provided by Google Mobile. This feature uses voice recognition technology which facilitates speak-to-search facility on the Google search engine.

The iPhone App designed by Google Mobile can be downloaded free from App Store. Following is the setting to enable Voice Search

  • First, go to the Settings option on Google search page
  • Go to users then Search option.
  • Just tap the icon of a little microphone lying on the top right corner.
  • After a beep, you can begin to search by just saying the search terms or keywords.

One more feature provided by Google is the Search with My Location. The iPhone App of Google Mobile targets all the search results automatically that are based on current location of user. The application utilizes the Cell-ID technology which can be executed on the Google Maps to discover the location approximately. Your iPhone must be enabled with the Location Services to utilize this feature. User must opt-in to allow the Google Mobile App to identify and utilize the site or location.

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