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Hack PS3 To Play Pirated Games

Hack PS3 To Play Pirated Games

The news of playing pirated games on PS3 through hack is spreading like wildfire over the web. However, now it is easily accessible over the web and anyone can get the technique to hack PS3 to the pirated games. You can create backups of original CD/DVD and play games on PS3 without using original CD/DVD.  

Here is the tutorial to hack device in order to play pirated games on PS3.


  • Firmware 3.41 must be installed in console
  • Download Backup manager and create a backup on any external USB devoice which is formatted FAT32.
  • Guiformat it is a tool for fast storing in USB devices.


Initially ensure that there is no CD/DVD present in drive console and switch off the console before connecting USB PS3 jailbreak. It depends on the version of PS you have:    

  • PlayStation 3 Fat: In this version switch off the cones from rear switch.
  • PlayStation 3 Slim: In this model make sure that you have disconnected power cord from the back of console.

Now just connect PS jailbreak to any USB port taking care that nothing else is connected via USB.

  • Now tap the power button on console and then press eject button. You will notice that two LEDs on PS jailbreak ignite while charging console approximately for 10 seconds then several things will happen:  
    • The Green LED is lit, which means PS jailbreak is working correctly.

    • When Red LED lit, it means PS jailbreak is not loaded properly. Normally it happens when users do not follow the sequence of pressing Power button and then Eject button.

  • In case the end result is Red LED then you have to repeat the entire process from the beginning. However this time you have to be more cautious than previous time. This time you continue with precaution of disconnecting power cord from back of the PS3 Slim or switch off the power from rear side of PS 3 FAT.  Once PS jailbreak loaded properly connect the USB device with backup manager console.
  • Now head towards the Game Menu and navigate to “Install Package Files” option after then select Backup Manager.

  • Once completed this process move to bottom of the games menu where you will see Application Manager. You need to select and launch it.

  • Once you implemented this setting, you need to introduce reader to console the game you want to backup. You need to press “O” button in order to make backup on external USB storage device.

  • In order to load created backup culaquier previously, insert game console and select the desired backup from Backup Manager by pressing X button. The reason to insert same game in drive is to emulate loading process.

  • Once finished, select the desired backup and press X button. You will automatically redirect to main menu of console, backup manger option, and loading the game. Now you can see the preview of your favorite selected game on the screen. Now you are ready to play pirated games on PS 3.

Mostly people perceive that once connected to PS console, there is no more Jailbreak withdrawn. Most of the people wrongly interpreted this trick or hack.

There is a huge difference between PS jailbreak USB device and Backup Manager (Application to manage and create backups). Once you installed PS jailbreak, then you cannot remove it easily because it creates hanging or restart problems.

All you need to follow these steps systematically to get best result without any difficulties. You will get best result once you implemented this hack properly.

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