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Locate And Delete Duplicate Songs In iTunes

Locate And Delete Duplicate Songs In iTunes

Have you noticed that there is so much redundancy of songs in your iTunes library? This can happen due to so many reasons such as restoring the iTunes settings frequently. When you restore it, all songs get copied again and again.

There is no need to go through the complicated, tedious, and time consuming process to identify and locate them to delete. Apple has come up with the simple and straightforward tip to locate and delete the duplicate songs that are unnecessarily occupying the space on the iTunes. Here is the solution to fix this problem.

Initially, select the Music in the iTunes library, after that choose Display Duplicates option in File menu and sort the result on the basis of Names. It only shows those songs that have similar names in the iTunes library.

The results might be confusing because you will get all duplicate items on the screen such as duplicate cover names and artists etc. In order to make it clearer and easier to identify the identical duplicate files put the Time column next to the Name column on your screen.

Now, you will see the identical duplicate files name on the screen and you can select the one you want to get rid of or terminate. Once you have finished with it, click on the Show All.

There is another simple way to determine the duplicate songs in iTunes library by changing the Display Duplicates commands to Display Exact Duplicates. If you are working on Windows then you simply press the Shift button while clicking on the File menu button.

Now, you just scroll down to the menu to choose the command. Whereas, working on Mac, hold down the particular Option key while you select the command Display Duplicates, it will automatically change into Display Exact Duplicates. However, you need to still pay close attention while deleting files because probably some albums present in the list may not be the duplicate. By following one of the given methods you can easily find and delete the duplicate songs in iTunes.

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