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DownLoad Free Google SEO Starter Guide

DownLoad Google’s Free E-Book Of SEO Starter Guide

Google does not need any introduction and it is known as a world’s most famous search engine. Recently, Google has uncorked its latest modified “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide E-book digitally in format of PDF. This guide is mainly for the webmasters who have just stepped into the field of web development and are not much acquainted with the search engine optimization and desire to improve their website communication with both, search engines and users.

Now few people may ask, what is search engine? So, this is a brief introduction to the Search Engine and Search Engine Optimization.

Introduction To The Early Days Of Search Engine

Search Engine was first introduced in early 1994 with a spider, which wriggle through all the websites and collect the information and indexed the information to the pertinence. This search and indexing technology took precedence over the establishment of the trend of search engine innovatively in that year. The web services expanded rapidly in the 90′s with millions of pages with relevant content, which were created by search engines and later, indexed.

Search Engines help indexing and recording the content of a site that appears on a particular page, keywords associated with particular topics and a many other elements. The process of search engine indexing begin with the search spider or search engine bot (short form of robot). When we are talking about search engine bot, we are pointing out to the more than one computers that are programmed to crawl on the net and collect all the information they can search and place them in one store to see how all that information is related to other search items.

Search Engine Optimization is a very important field and if web developers neglect it, then they are putting their websites in very vulnerable condition. Later, they will have to compromise on many things, which will be very harmful for their business, after a period of time. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a separate and non-identical group of profit-making business.

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