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Steps to Add Photos to iPad

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Steps to Add Photos to iPad

As we know that iPad doesn’t have inbuilt camera, and thus we are unable to take photographs directly. Therefore we need to add photos to iPad from different other source, such as transferring photos from computer or from other sources. If you have iPhone with you then you can take photos with iPad.

However here we will tell you some methods through which you can add photos to iPad.  If you have interesting photos in your system, then you can add them to your iPad easily.

First Method

  1. You just send email attached your selected photo to your email account.
  2. Open your mail account in iPad.
  3. Now save the attached file to your iPad.
  4. Finally you are done.


Second Method

  1. Connect your iPad to computer
  2. Choose iPad from list shown in iTunes.
  3. Choose Photos tab
  4. Mark the sync photos option.
  5. Click on small arrow to get drop down menu and tap on “Choose Folder
  6. Click on “Select Folder”
  7. Now select required photos from your computer and click on “Apply” to finish this process.

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