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Total Expense For Running Your Personal Computer Or Laptop

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Total Expense For Running Your Personal Computer Or Laptop

Now a day, mostly, al the work is done by our personal computers or laptop. Many of us use laptop or personal computer for our daily work for more than 5 to 6 hours a day. If you are worried about the electric bill and if you want to know that how much your laptop contributes in it? Then keep on reading.


Firstly we need to know that how much it costs per unit in your area. This could be done by checking the electricity bill of previous month, or you can even Google it.

The second step is to find out how much power does the component of the laptop consumes. Power is expressed in kilowatt (kW). Instead of doing this step manually, we can use a third party tool called Joulemeter by Microsoft. With the help of Joulemeter we can get to know the electricity usage which covers screen brightness, processor, run up time, disk usage and etc.

Lastly all you need to do is to apply a formula and put the numbers in it to find our desired answer.

The formula is mentioned below:

Cost of running laptop or PC = Cost per Unit (kWh) * Your Laptop’s Power Consumption (kW) * How long you used the laptop or personal computer (hours).

Example: suppose you have used your laptop for 10 hours for each day and the power consumption of you personal computer or laptop is 100 watts. Now if in your locality the price for each unit of electricity costs around 10 cents or Rs 3, then according to the formula cost for running your PC or laptop for each day is 10*(100/1000) *3rs or 10 cents = 3rs or 10 cents per day. So for month it costs around 90rs or 300 cents.

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