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List Of Websites To Make Own / Download Free Mobile / Cell Phone Ringtones, Themes And Wallpapers

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This is a call to all music lovers, who wish to tune into the latest songs to music albums, and wish to keep it as their ringtones, for here are 15 websites to download all for free! You also have the option to download wall papers too, again for free! Now is that not great news! Hurry, grab your ring tones as well as your desired themes and enjoy the best of both! You can be the envy of others!

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Download Free Ringtones from:


Look out for MadRingtones, a free service that helps you make new ringtones out of the songs you like most or YouTube videos, without any problem. Through MadRingtones, it is possible to build up personalized ringtones simply by making few changes in the Mp3 tunes you want. It is okay to even choose from the 300,000 ringtones which are already present. They can be selected and retained in Mp3, AMR, OGG or M4R formats and they work for any company handsets.


If you are interested in any original ringtones, then you can look up TonesAll, the MP3 ringtone user sharing network. There is a vast collection of ringtones along with other interesting texts. It comes with the Creative Commons Public Domains License. Aided by popular brands like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, iPhone, the users need to sign up [free] in order to be able to download.

You would be pleased to know that TonesAll stands distinctly apart from other free ringtone sites in that here the ringtones are divided into groups like Pets and Animals, Sayings or News and Politics. It therefore becomes easier to select the ringtone from what want. You can in turn share/upload or exchange the contents of your mobile among other TonesAll members.


If you are looking for something simple and easy, then here it is at makeownringtone, where you are able to make new ringtones in very easy to follow steps. You can choose from easy, advanced or expert methods while forming new ringtones. It is easy to download the ringtones to your computer, mobile or even through email once it is made.


To obtain all themes, wallpapers, ringtones, screensavers, or even games, fro free, and then Zedge is your answer. Fro at Zedge, you can select from a wide variety that comes from around 14 million users, willing to share their downloads. Interestingly, Zedge does not ask for a signup, and can be easily downloaded to your PC, or mobile.

Zedge is able to withhold a great content, including various manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, LG, Motorola and iPhone from Apple. They also have an online group which furnishes you to make your own wall papers and ringtones.


Yet another free downloading site is here, Mobile9, which comes with its own group. It is not as easy, for Mobile9 comes with 6 billion members, and also exhibits more than 100000 MP3 ringtones, themes, wall papers, operator logs and so on. It is therefore possible to download themes and ringtones for free, along with upload and share with other members of Mobile 9. Mobile 9 enables you to make your own wall papers and ringtones, helping you with a free sign up. The phone department of this site helps you with many handsets of well known brands including iPhone.


Direct access to Tonzr the new free website is to be got from MP3 ringtones or realtones, almost like a search engine with a capacity of more than 600,000 tones. You have nothing much to do except look for your ringtone, click the title and immediately transfer it to your handset.


Mobango is one of the first Universal Mobile Community which rules the mobile clan, letting their users publish, change and share through the web and mobile gadgets. Thanks to Mobango, it has been possible to reach into a number of ringtones, applications, games and wall papers, that come out by other Mobango members, at the same time enabling them to stay in touch with each other. A special feature of Mobango is that there is a 2 GB storage space for use, and the choice to keep your files personalized or open to public.


Among the many free sites for ringtones, Mobile 17 is also included for it is one of the most interesting sites, bringing to you the easiest and simplest of tools for the multimedia of your mobile. It is proud to announce that it has more than 20, 00,000 people under its list, and enables you to go to any image, or convert any music into ringtones, or wall papers without any additional softwares. What more, you can even have your ringtones shared with other networks like Facebook, and keep in constant touch with your friends to discuss and exchange ringtones with them.


It is very easy to make new ringtones, or select the ones already existing, wall papers and themes, by just making use of CellMind, for although CellMind is in the toddler phase, it has limited but good collection of wallpapers. All the same, CellMind is proud to be the provider for ringtones for various brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens, Samsung, Panasonic Sagem and many more. It also brings to you free online storage space for the regular users, and its registration is free!


Not at all in par with its name, MyTinyPhone, has over 70,000 ringtones, 34,000 wallpapers and much over 700,000 members, to its credit. It is quick in its service, although the pop up ads are quite annoying. It is also possible to make your own tones through the unique feature of MyTinyPhone, the Flash based ringtone.


Brinked works on the same lines as MadRingTones, basically an absolutely free ringtone sharing with better connectivity. You can create your own ringtone or song from YouTube, as well as browsing facility to look for your favourite among the already existing groups. Brinked works well with MP3/WAV/OGG/M4R formats.


MobileToones brings to you a special kind of interface, wherein mobile discussion forum, review section and a blog is an additional point along with the usual download of ringtones, wallpapers and themes. With the help of Wallpaper Creator MobileToones, it is possible to personalize your wallpapers, and share with friends.


If your requirement is to look for great ringtones and that too for free, then it must be at Myxer, for it is here that you get to download ringtones for free, because Myxer is not a subscription facility. The ringtones here get well adjusted with other providers like AT&T, Cellular One, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, Virgin Mobile, and TMobile.


One of the most popular free social mobile system, and a site that gives you customized as well as interesting ringtones is Phone Zoo. Although you need to register yourself, you need not worry for it is free of cost, after which you are entitled to make your own and upload ringtones. Your own voice can be used as your ringtone.

These along with many more free sites, can be used to download as many ringtones as you want, in addition to your own ringtones from your chosen music albums onto your PC!

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